Jeweler Stacey Lorinczi began metalsmithing at age twelve, and later studied fine art and jewelry at Brown University. Upon graduation, she worked for a company that created jewelry collections for Banana Republic, the Gap, Nordstrom and Ralph Lauren. She eventually moved to London to attend Central St. Martins, and emerged with a deep appreciation for the cultural, historical and social significance of jewelry— as well as for the humor and subversion characteristic of British style.

Upon returning to San Francisco, she established Lorinczi Jewelry with a rigorous commitment to quality, combining superior craftsmanship with an aesthetic that imbues and elevates natural motifs with drama and sophistication. Whether creating custom bridal/one-of-a-kind commissions or precious/semi-precious collections, Stacey says her formal training as a fine artist continues to inform her jewelry:

I am always striving to look at my surroundings with unjaded eyes, to see even the detritus around me as a potential source of inspiration. From broken glass and windswept debris strewn on the sidewalk, to shells, seaweed and coral washed up on the beach, I forage, gather, and let it all permeate my imagination and galvanize my work. Both the ravishing beauty of the Pacific coastline and the unrelenting grit of San Francisco's Victorian cityscape are reflected in my jewelry, as I strive to reconcile the dichotomy of the organic and the urbane. In crafting a piece of jewelry, I create a vessel for my innermost aspirations and ideas; these objects then enable the wearer to communicate his or her own ambitions, observations, and desires. A beloved piece of jewelry serves as a talisman and conveys a personal identity— let it empower and inspire you.

Stacey’s jewelry has been showcased in The Art of Jewellery Design by Liz Olverand featured in such magazines as Bride’s, W, Us, Modern Bride, Marie Claire, Elle, and San Francisco Magazine.